LRDP Draft Planning Scenario


The revised LRDP Draft Planning Scenario retains all existing recreational fields except for the A Street Field: Russell Field, Howard Field, Hutchison Field and the Dairy Road Field are to remain for campus recreation and intercollegiate athletic programs, as well as other campus functions. In response to the potential loss of A Street Field and the potential increased participation in recreational programs associated anticipated growth in enrollment, the revised LRDP Draft Planning Scenario includes an additional three acres of recreational open space in West Village and the possibility of lights on Russell Field to mitigate increased participation in recreational programs.

2015-16 Recreational Field Area

25 Acres Total

2027-28 Recreational Field Area

26 Acres

(Intercollegiate athletic facilities and the 10-acre site east of Aggie Stadium where the existing dairy is located are not included in calculations above.)

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