Currently Solano Park Apartments accommodate graduate students and students with families in a park-like setting with easy access to the Arboretum, campus and downtown. In the next ten years, the buildings in Solano Park Apartments as well as Environmental Horticulture will require significant investment, as they near the end of their life cycle. Residents in the Solano Park Apartments and current academic programs located in the Environmental Horticulture complex would be accommodated within other areas of campus prior to any redevelopment. Specific plans for the redevelopment of Solano Park Apartments will begin after detailed planning for the now vacant Orchard Park Apartments, the other campus housing area serving student families and graduate students, is well underway.  

Student Apartments

The LRDP Draft Planning Scenario provides capacity to accommodate 1,100 additional students in the Solano Gateway neighborhood. The areas immediately south of the Arboretum, including the Environmental Horticulture complex, Solano Field, Parking Lots 5 and 5A, and Solano Park Apartments, are designated as potential redevelopment sites for student housing. The plan realigns Old Davis Road between the Hyatt Place hotel and Parking Lots 5 and 5A, replacing the S-curve with a single curve and increasing the area of potential development within the campus loop road and improves connectivity between housing areas and the Arboretum. The plan retains Nelson Hall and Wyatt Pavilion as important features within the neighborhood.

Nishi Gateway Project

The revised plan does not include a roadway connection from campus into the Nishi property. This revision reflects the recent decision by the City of Davis to not approve the Nishi development proposal.