Currently the Orchard neighborhood contains five student housing areas; Orchard Park Apartments, Russell Park Apartments, La Rue Park with the Atriums and the Living Groups, the Baggins End Domes, and the Colleges at La Rue. In 2015-16, there were about 1,250 students living in the Orchard neighborhood (population does not include Orchard Park Apartments since these dwelling units were vacant in 2015-16).

Student Apartments

The LRDP Draft Planning Scenario provides capacity for an additional 900 students through the redevelopment of Orchard Park Apartments and the greenhouses west of the Wellness Center. Much of the additional capacity for new student housing in this area will be dedicated to students with families and graduate students. The current 2003–2015 LRDP, as amended by the Regents, designates the greenhouse site as residential.

Greenhouse Capacity

The Plan includes additional space for greenhouse facilities in the core campus, west of the Bowley Plant Science Teaching Facility.

For more information on greenhouse capacity please see the West and South Campus webpage.