Local Transportation

Challenge: Reduce the number of drive-alone commute trips in Davis.

On an average weekday commute, about 2,500 people living in Davis drive to campus. In 2014-15, almost 85% for the commuters living in Davis walked, biked or bussed to campus; an additional 4% carpooled and 12% drove alone. With an incredible bicycle network and a bus system that covers 95% of Davis, how can we reduce these local trips?

The LRDP Draft Planning Scenario provides capacity to accommodate a significant amount of the potential growth in enrollment and employment in campus housing. There are a number of new and innovative transportation programs that may foster a more sustainable future, enrich community life, and meet local travel demand for those living in Davis or on campus. In the coming weeks and months campus will study transportation programs to accomplish the goals listed above and minimize impacts to the environment. If you would like to participate in a transportation survey focused on these innovative programs, please email campustomorrow@ucdavis.edu and get involved.

Local Transportation map

We have a number of existing transportation programs to help reduce local, drive-alone commute trips. We are also considering several new sustainable transportation programs to meet local travel demand, improve quality of life and further reduce local commute trips. Please review these transportation programs and let us know more about the barriers to use these programs.

Existing Sustainable Transportation Programs:

New Sustainable Transportation Programs Under Consideration: