LRDP Context

The 21st century University & The 2017 LRDP

The UC Davis LRDP provides capacity, in terms of campus population and physical development, for university programs geographically specific to the main campus in Davis only and does not include the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. The 21st Century University encompasses all UC Davis programs across the state and throughout the world.

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The 2020 Initiative & The 2017 LRDP


The 2020 Initiative established an ambitious plan to admit another 5,000 undergraduate students, hire another 300 faculty, broaden our international reach, boost regional economic development, and provide a stable financial foundation for UC Davis.

The LRDP Draft Planning Scenario builds upon the 2020 Initiative and updates the current 2003-2015 LRDP, extending the horizon year to 2027. The LRDP provides capacity for UC Davis enrollment and employment growth; the potential student and employee campus population is 39,000 and 14,500 respectively. The LRDP update will be analyzed through an environmental review process that begins in early 2017.

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