Academic Space

The LRDP Draft Planning Scenario provides capacity for 2 million square feet of additional academic building space for classrooms and study space, instructional and research labs, faculty and administrative offices, and other programs supporting the academic mission. Several classroom projects are currently under construction and scheduled to open in the near future. Additional classrooms and offices will be provided through the renovation of Walker Hall, Haring Hall and Cruess Hall. Additional buildings under consideration for renovation are shown diagrammatically in gold in the map below. The LRDP Draft Planning Scenario also provides capacity for several research initiatives that contribute towards the revitalization of the academic core; these initiatives include two new animal hospitals in the Health Science neighborhood and an interdisciplinary research facility, the Chemistry Discovery Complex, in the core campus.

Academic Core map

Buildings under consideration for renovation shown in gold.

1 Veterinary Medicine

The LRDP Draft Planning Scenario includes two new hospitals in the Health Science neighborhood; one hospital for large animals and another hospital for small animals. The Plan includes substantial capacity for additional growth associated with the School of Veterinary Medicine and the various research programs within the Health Science neighborhood.

2 Chemistry Discovery Complex

The Plan provides capacity for the Chemistry Discovery Complex which will emphasize chemistry as an integrative science at the core of many academic disciplines. The Complex, located in the core campus, will serve as a nexus of interdisciplinary research with significant contributions towards the betterment of society.