West Village

In 2015-16 West Village accommodated about 2,000 people, a satellite campus for Sacramento City Community College and a collection of UC Davis Energy Efficiency and Transportation Innovation Hubs. The LRDP Draft Planning Scenario for West Village provides capacity for more residents than previous planned in the 2003 LRDP while accommodating an additional 1,125 students on a smaller footprint than previously planned.

Student Apartments

The Plan provides capacity for an additional 2,250 students in West Village, when compared to 2015-16 capacity. By agreement with the master-lease holder for West Village student apartments, the number of students living in existing West Village apartments may increase by 624 in 2016-17. This increase is accomplished through a ‘double-up’ where large bedrooms, previously leased as individual rooms, may be leased as shared bedrooms. In addition to the double-up, the Plan also includes capacity for another 1,626 students.

Open Space & Recreation

The Plan accommodates more students on less land while retaining a gracious greenbelt along Russell Boulevard, an agricultural buffer along the western edge, a 3-acre recreational open space within the new student housing area and a large open space within the faculty and staff housing area. The more compact development pattern preserves more than 20 acres of agricultural land, previously included within the plans for West Village and designated for development in the 2003 LRDP.